First Jesus Film in Sign Language To Reach Over 70 Million Deaf People With Gospel


“We really believe that God can and will use the movie in sign language to reach Deaf people.”

Deaf Missions’ Jesus Film

The estimated 70 million deaf people around the world who communicate by signing could have a Jesus Film in their own heart language within several years thanks to a crowdfunded project by Deaf Missions and the Jesus Film Project.

The Jesus Film Project is collaborating with Deaf Missions to create a movie about the life of Christ for those who are Deaf and hard of hearing. The movie will be filmed with actors and actresses signing in American Sign Language (ASL) instead of speaking aloud.

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Chad Entinger of Deaf Missions said a Jesus movie with sign language would make a major impact in spreading the gospel because it will communicate to people in their “heart-language.” It would be the first movie of its kind.

Deaf Missions’ Jesus Film

“The heart language, it’s related to a person’s identity,” Entinger signed through an interpreter for Mission Network News. “For a person to see something in their heart language, that really will capture their heart, and they’ll feel, that person will then, will feel like ‘Oh my goodness, they’re actually communicating to me. This is my language.’”

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“We really believe that God can and will use the movie in sign-language to reach Deaf people,” he added.

The ministries have raised $746,000 of the $4.8 million needed to fund the project, which will involve actors and actresses signing with American Sign Language (ASL), which is used by 70 million people worldwide.

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As of now, deaf people must rely on closed captioning to watch a movie about Jesus.

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