See, the Lord hath made us by His mighty pow’r,
And He watches o’er us every day and hour;
This we do remember when we kneel in prayer,
God is up in heaven, God is everywhere.

God is everywhere, yes, God is everywhere,
God is in the valley, God is in the air;
God is in the mountain, God is in the sea,
Anywhere we may go, there God will be.

Nothing can we hide from His all-seeing eye,
Whether on the land, or in the sea or sky;
Darkness cannot hide us from His blessed face,
For His holy presence dwells in every place.

All our words and thoughts are to Him fully known,
We shall surely reap the deeds that we have sown;
From Thy holy presence we can never flee,
For the day and night are both the same with Thee.

Look down in our hearts, Lord, let us see today
If there should be in us any wicked way;
Help us ever serve Thee with a Godly fear,
Help us know that Thou art present everywhere.

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