From Gangster To Missionary: Chinese Mafia Leader Encounters Jesus

Jeremy Siau, Chinese Mafia Leader Finds Jesus
Jeremy Siau, Chinese Mafia Leader Finds Jesus

Jeremy ‘Choby’ Siau was a triad leader who turned to violence and gang leaders to feel protected and accepted.

In Part One of his story, he was on a plane to Penang, ready to kill the man his girlfriend was sleeping with, when a miracle happened.

His story of how God transformed his life continues here.

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Though Choby had given up seeking revenge, he continued to stay in Penang for a whole month.

After all, he still had triad issues to settle. While he was there, he partied non-stop and was involved with different women. He was still a teenager then. 

“I didn’t think much about God, even after the peace He had given me. But there was a seed planted in my heart,” said Choby.

One night, he and two other triad leaders went to a club and got a table with bottle service. Shortly afterwards, they were informed that rival gang members had arrived.

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“I told my friends that we had just spent all our money on bottles, so let’s just have fun and not fight,” said Choby.

When the club closed, they headed out to have supper along the street. Suddenly, a car pulled up and the same gang members sat down next to them. Immediately, a fight erupted and one of the rival gang members was badly hurt.

The next day, Choby received a call informing him that the gang members whom they had fought were looking for him at one of their territories – Gurney Plaza.

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As Choby made his way to Gurney Plaza, he called his dai lou to inform him about the situation. Inter-triad dynamics were complex and political. His dai lou arrived at the Plaza before he did and instructed him to go upstairs to report to him.

From Gang Leader To Missionary, The Story Of Jeremy Siau
From Gang Leader To Missionary, The Story Of Jeremy Siau

As Choby pressed the elevator button, he noticed men pooling behind him. When the lift door opened, more men emerged. One of them was the rival gang member they had beaten up. 

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The men began surrounding the lift that Choby and his two friends were in.

“We were completely outnumbered – three of us compared to about 30 of them. I thought we might just have to fight right there and then. Suddenly, I felt this strong sense of a spirit of death. It felt like I was going to die and I was really afraid,” said Choby.

The rival gang leader began shouting angrily as everyone else stayed silent. He pulled out a machete that he had in his pants and made it clear they had come to “settle problems right now”.

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As he was about to start swinging the machete, Choby suddenly remembered what his mother told him when he was a child.

She’d said: “Son, if you ever get into a situation where you have a problem, I want you to call on the name of Jesus.”

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As the rival gang leader was about to swing the machete towards him, Choby took a step back and muttered under his breath: “Jesus, save me.”

In that moment, he saw a hand emerging from the crowd. It held the machete back. The hand belonged to one of Choby’s triad members who had been looking for him. He also happened to know the rival gang leader. His triad put in a good word for Choby and the fight broke up.

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“It all happened in the nick of time, and I knew it was divine intervention.

“Later that night, I wondered why God would save me. My heart was like a stone and it was so hard for me to understand His love,” said Choby.

The supernatural encounter did not change the way Choby went about his life.

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The very next day, he was back at a club and overdosing on drugs.

He had been taking ecstasy for many years but, this time, he could not feel his body.

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