After 33 years of Satanism, Brian Cole Turns Preacher of Jesus Christ


“In the occult … I’d just sit down and allow myself to be possessed and just start writing stuff, I didn’t believe Jesus existed”

Brian Cole Ex-satanist turns to Jesus

A man who spent over three decades of his life embroiled in Satanism is sharing his incredible story of freedom in Christ — and now spreading the Gospel to others.

As a child, Brian Cole was desperate for love, “As a little boy, I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere. I was 10 years old and I had an abusive father. … I was bullied at school and my mom forced us to go to church,” Brian explained on the finale episode of “The Playing With Fire Podcast”.

Brian later found himself fitting in with older youth who happened to be satanists; that set him on a 33-year journey into satanism and the occult.

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While he wasn’t drawn in by the theology, Cole said he “wanted to do whatever his new friends were doing,” so, before long, he was partaking.

“In the occult … I’d just sit down and allow myself to be possessed and just start writing stuff,” Cole said. “I didn’t believe Jesus existed. I thought this Bible was another mythology book. … One of my biggest religions was hating Christians.”

“I got a tattoo of a cross … on the bottom of my left foot so I could stomp on God whenever I walked,” he said.

Cole said he started ordering books on the occult and ceremonial magic and spent the majority of his days reading and studying — and that’s not all.

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That journey finally ended when he discovered The Case For Christ mysteriously sitting on his jail room floor. Today, Brian is a pastor speaking out about the dangers of evil.

Listen to Cole share his experience in the occult and his encounter with Jesus, on The Playing With Fire Podcast.

This story was originally shared on Faithwire.

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