All-Female Catholic College Will Admit Men Who Identify As Women – Pope Francis


A Catholic college made for only females will now allow transgender men to enroll, with the school’s revised non-discrimination policy stating that an “inclusive campus experience” is essential to empowering women through education.

Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, has said it will now allow men who present themselves as women to apply for undergraduate admission in the fall of 2024. Notre Dame’s student newspaper, The Observer, reports.

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College President Katie Conboy told the faculty in an email last Tuesday that the institution will consider trans-identifying applicants. However, the school is still considering how to put the policy change into practice.

“We are by no means the first Catholic women’s college to adopt a policy with this scope,” Conboy wrote. “In drafting the language for this update, I have relied on the guidance of the Executive Team and others to ensure that our message is not only in line with best practices for today’s college students, but that it also encompasses our commitment to operate as a Catholic women’s college,” according to The Christian Post.

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According to the school’s website, St. Mary’s Board of Trustees approved a change to the college’s non-discrimination policy in June 2023, a change that states the school considers admission for undergraduate applicants whose sex is female or who consistently live and identify as women. Graduate degree programs are open to all.”

The policy further states that the college does not discriminate based on sexuality or gender identity, adding that it’s in compliance with all federal laws, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Clare Ann Ath, an alumni member of the school, who serves as the government affairs manager for the pro-life group Human Coalition, criticized the decision on her social media post, where she also questioned if the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend had responded to the situation. she wrote:

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“Just found out my alma mater @saintmarys, an all-women’s Catholic college, will be accepting BIOLOGICAL MEN starting next fall,” Ath wrote. “This decision is blasphemous & a complete rejection of the Church and it’s teachings on gender and sexuality.”

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