The year 2019 will be known as the “Year of Acceleration”. Things are going to be speeding up at a very rapid pace. Things both in the natural and in the supernatural are going to happen quicker than before.
Doors that have been closed are going to open rapidly. New regions, territories, and countries are going to open suddenly for the advancing of the Kingdom of God.
Dreams are about to become reality, pursuits that have seemed “stalled” are going to begin to move forward at great speed, and things that you thought were dead shall suddenly spring to life. This will be a year of rapid increase, promotion, and abundance.
There is going to be a great awareness of noticeable Angelic activity in our midst. In our daily lives and in our gatherings there will be a great increase of Angelic activity. The Messengers of God will be very active in fulfilling the plans of God this year and in the years to come.
“The Trump Effect” is in full motion. The sound of “The Trumpet” is reverberating around the world. The sound of “The Trumpet” is awakening many who have been asleep and deceived in believing lies. This effect is emboldening people to rise up and bring change to their nations.
The Trump presidency is not only impacting the USA it is impacting the nations of the world. The eyes of the nations are on the USA and President Donald Trump. Many political leaders will rise and take their lead from President Trump ~ “The Trumpet!”
Many people will be encouraged to run for political offices and bring great changes their nations.
There will be a great shift politically in many nations of the world. There will be a great political shift in all of Europe. Like the “plates” under the earth shift and bring change, the political “plates” are shifting and we will see significant change this year and in the years to come. It is time for the “pendulum” to swing back to the right.
Watch what happens politically in France, Germany, Belgium, and the UK, this will cause a sweeping change all over Europe.
Keep an eye on Korea ~ God is not finished with what He started on that peninsula. We will see more signs of the unifying of Korea this year.
The US dollar will rise to a great place of value and be highly desired internationally.
2019 will be a transitional year ~ many things are going to be set in place and brought into alignment this year. This will be a year of preparation for 2020. Many things will happen in 2019 in preparation for what is coming in 2020.
Watch for continued “signs in the heavens” and on the earth. Strange weather patterns and occurrences will be common this year as things are speeding up in the earth.
2019 will be an amazing year for the people of God who have faithfully “sown” into the Kingdom. This will be a great “reaping” year. We are in a season of wonderful harvest, increase, and abundance for the faithful. It is time to reap and enjoy! It is time for the treader of grapes to overtake the sower of seed. (Amos 9:13)
Rejoice and prepare for this new year! Get ready to see the fruit of your labors. Get ready to walk in the increase. Get ready to see the blessings that you have only dreamed of. Get ready amazing days are ahead! Get ready things are about to happen suddenly and with rapid speed!
Get ready change is coming! 2019 is the year of Acceleration!

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