‘Cuba Revival’: About 5,000 People Receive Jesus Christ


“God is moving among the churches and people in Cuba,” as nearly 5,000 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ during a missionary trip to the communist nation in early December, Florida Baptist missionaries reported.

Eight Florida Baptist leaders have recalled how a powerful move of God led over 4,820 to faith in Christ Jesus, during an evangelistic outreach and preaching, the Baptist Press reports.

“This trip in many ways changed my life,” Manuel Barahona, pastor of Westside First Baptist Church in Boynton Beach said. “The church in Western Cuba is alive and well. All I can say is, ‘Praise God,'” he added.

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The group of missionaries partnered with Western Cuba Baptist leaders for eight days to spread a message of hope.

The group split into two teams and preached in 45 churches and missions in the Villa Clara and Cienfuegos provinces.

“Our priority while we were there was getting the word of God out and supporting our brothers and sisters. I’m ready to continue to do anything and everything I can to help. I’m in,” Barahona explained.

Florida Baptists have partnered with the Western Cuba Baptist Convention since 1997 and the leaders shared there is a sincere hunger for Jesus and the Word of God, according to CBN News.

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“It is clear that God is moving among the churches and people in Cuba. The people were so very receptive! They were welcoming and friendly and excited to hear words of hope from God and His word,” said Fred Pitts, a retired pastor from Saint Augustine, Florida.

It was a special trip for Mark Rodriguez, pastor of Love Unlimited in Miami. The son of a Cuban mother and father met six of his family members for the first time. One of them gave their life to the Lord.

Once he returned home, he told his congregation that the relationships built in Cuba would be “ongoing.”

Cuba was ranked ten on the 2023 World Watch List of Christian Persecution.

“The dictatorial regime intensified its repressive tactics against all Christian leaders and activists that they view as opposing Communist principles,” the report explains. “Government measures included arrests, abductions, arbitrary fines, close surveillance, denials of licenses and religious visas and physical and mental abuse.”

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But Pastor Carlos Alamino, founder and president of Proclaim Cuba, told CBN News last September that the harvest is ripe.

“Cuba is a mission field,” he shared. “It is a field where God is working and His sovereignty is above everything.”

“I believe there is a revival in Cuba with the Gospel. The government tolerates house churches and that allows us to grow on a community level,” Alamino added.

He added that it is rare for there to be outdoor gatherings, but his goal is to make every house church a training center so the Gospel can continue to spread.

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“We can teach the Bible to children, youth, and adults so they can understand the plan of God for the (end) times,” Alamino said. “Our main goal is to evangelize the island so that the Cubans can be prepared for Jesus’ return.”

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