Christian Man Arrested For Preaching On Street Wins Case, Big Settlement Against Police

Angus Cameron
Angus Cameron

A Christian street preacher in Glasgow, Scotland, who was unlawfully arrested and detained by police over an unfounded complaint made about his alleged “homophobic language” in 2022, has won his case against the authorities and will receive a substantial settlement of his claim for wrongful arrest and discrimination.

The court has asked Police Scotland to pay Angus Cameron more than $6,900 in U.S. dollars and more than $11,900 in legal fees, according to The Christian Institute, the nonprofit Christian watchdog that represented Cameron in the case.

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Cameron, the former pastor of Cumnock Baptist Church, was preaching on Buchanan Street in Glasgow in January 2022 when he was approached by police officers who told him to stop immediately, according to The Daily Mail.

He was searched on the street in front of the public, handcuffed, and told he was being arrested for “breach of the peace with homophobic aggravation,” Christian Today reported.

He strenuously denied the allegation to the arresting officer, who placed him in the back of a police vehicle for more than an hour before releasing him. The 52-year-old pastor was allegedly told the matter would be dealt with “in due course.”

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Two days later, Cameron received a telephone call from the officer, informing him he would not be prosecuted. However, the officer had filed a ‘non-crime hate incident report’ against his name in the police database even though no crime was committed, Christian Today reported.

Cameron contacted The Christian Institute about his case. The organization then obtained his arrest report.

The Christian Institute told The Daily Mail the case notes showed the officers had no reason to suspect the preacher had committed an offense, which is necessary for a lawful arrest. The organization then sued the police for wrongful arrest, discrimination, and breach of human rights.

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“His preaching was not targeting individuals. He did not use offensive language. He was not aggressive. He did not try to cause offense. He simply quoted the Bible. There was no criminality at all,” Simon Calvert, deputy director of public affairs for the Institute told Christian Today.

“We were pleased to be able to help Angus bring a legal action and we believe it was because of the strength of his legal claim that the police were forced to reach an out-of-court legal settlement and pay damages and legal costs,” Calvert said, Faithwire reports.

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