China Bans from Country’s Apple App Store in China

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The Chinese government has banned a leading digital platform for Christian content,, from the Apple App Store in mainland China, reflecting the government’s strict internet publishing policies.

The removal restricts access to significant events like the National Day of Prayer livestream, previously featuring prominent figures such as President Joe Biden, Chris Tomlin and Franklin Graham, the platform announced in a statement.

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With over 16 million users, offers a range of spiritual resources, including daily prayers and Bible stories.  Since its inception in 2016, the group has been on a mission to enhance faith and community engagement worldwide.

The decision to remove the platform from the country’s Apple App Store marks a shift in China’s approach to the prayer app, which had operated under more lenient conditions that permitted the app to minister to people in China while others had been shut down, according to The Christian Post.

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“Since starting we’ve grown accustomed to positive relations with China,” co-founder Michael Lynn said. “President Xi has allowed for the printing of nearly 150 million Bibles per year, and President Trump ensured that Bibles were exempt from Chinese tariffs.”

In response, is seeking alternative methods to reach its Chinese audience, with CEO Steve Gatena inviting President Xi to the National Day of Prayer event in Washington this May.

Speaking with The Christian Post, Apple said it’s obligated to follow the laws of countries in which it operates, including ones it disagrees with. In China, the law requires apps that primarily function to provide or facilitate access to religious content to acquire permits from regulators to be included in app stores.

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The app can still be downloaded on all other storefronts except for China.

China is ranked Number 19 on Open Doors’ World Watch List of countries where it’s most dangerous to be a Christian.

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