Bus Driver Suspended For Refusing To Drive LGBTQ(Gay) Pride Bus


A UK bus driver has been suspended after he refused to drive a bus that promotes LGBTQ Pride.

Rebecca Sears, a passenger on the bus, claimed the driver said he was swapping buses with another driver because “this bus promotes homosexuality and I refuse to drive it.”

Ms Sears reported the driver’s remarks to management at Konectbus, a Norfolk bus service that’s run by Go East Anglia, who then immediately suspended the driver.

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In a post on Twitter, Ms Sears said:

Today I was waiting for the 501 bus to Thickthorn and we were told by the driver we had to wait for him to swap buses as ‘this bus promotes homosexuality and I refuse to drive it’ due to the multicoloured ‘501’ sign… Norwich doesn’t appreciate homophobia.

I complained to the staff at the station and they were already aware of who I was talking about, so why has nothing been done? I’m aware everyone is entitled to their own views however, if you can’t do your job properly because of your bigotry, maybe you need to rethink your choices.

Konectbus responded to Ms Sears’ tweets, saying the driver has been suspended and an investigation is underway.

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The bus service also assured passengers of their commitment to Gay Pride:

Good morning – many thanks for getting in touch about this incident. Our management team has been made aware and it is being taken very seriously. We find this attitude, behaviour and level of customer service completely unacceptable.

Go East Angila prides itself on values that support diversity and inclusion and has been a champion of Norwich Pride since 2017. We particularly want all customers of whatever background or sexual orientation to feel comfortable on our services.”

As a company we do not condone any behaviour from our drivers that do not support this view. The driver involved in this incident has been suspended and a full investigation is underway.

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Increasingly, we’re seeing businesses and organisations pressuring their employees to advocate, represent or advance LGBTQ ideology staff may not necessarily agree with, an ideology which has nothing to do with the services they’re providing.

We’ve seen a Christian doctor lose his job because he refused to use transgender language. We’ve seen Christian athletes forced to wear LGBTQ-themed uniforms if they wish to participate in their game. We’ve seen a wedding magazine run by Christians forced out of business just for remaining silent on same-sex marriage.

We’ve seen Christian artists threatened with jail time for refusing to promote gay weddings. We’ve seen Christian bakers dragged through the courts for failing to create LGBTQ-themed cakes. We’ve seen Christian rugby stars sacked for quoting Bible verses that contradict LGBTQ ideology. We’ve seen a Christian furniture salesman fired for not participating in the Gay Pride events. We’ve seen Christian florists sued for refusing to make arrangements for same-sex weddings.

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We’ve seen a Christian family banned from their local marketplace for holding a traditional view of marriage. We’ve seen a Christian funeral home hit with a lawsuit after they refused to allow a male employee to wear a dress while dealing with grieving families.

We could go on and on. There’s no shortage of examples that suggest those who refuse to submit to the new rainbow tyranny may very well lose their entire livelihood.

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