The Denial Of Reality Is At The Core Of Transgenderism And The LGBTQ Religion – Dr Elisabeth Taylor


Researcher for the Australian Christian Lobby, Dr Elisabeth Taylor, dazzles in her presentation on two vacuous ideologies seeking, not just to influence Western society, but rip up its biblical Christian foundations, and impose new cultural laws on it. Such as the eradication of what theorists within the LGBT religion label “heteronormativity”.

The assumption being that heteronormativity is oppressive to the LGBT community. Ergo, all-out war, short of physical violence, must be made against it.

The presentation clarifies and provides information about transgenderism. Taylor digs deep, discussing the theory’s origins and why it’s necessary to push back against it. In doing so, understanding the how and what of connecting factors, such as post-structuralism – (the denial of objective reality), are of paramount importance.Advertisement

When talking to people who have rejected objective morality, it pays to understand their concept of reality, whether they say they have one or not. Hence the value found in the content of her presentation.

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