This is more or less a prophetic declaration from Bishop DavidOyedepo over his church members.


    • Every day of 2018 shall be Christmas for you
    • There shall be no mourning in your family all through 2018
    • There shall be no breakdown in your family
    • 2018 shall be a year of jubilee for you
    • It shall be a golden era of your life.
    • Every of your step shall be a New Dawn step
    • Every one of your steps in 2018 shall be a new dawn step
    • I decree that every family here shall be a New Dawn family
    • Every business and career of every participant at Shiloh and every member of this spiritual; family shall be a New Dawn business
    • All of your children shall be New Dawn children
    • Your finances shall be New Dawn finances
    • Your spiritual life shall be New Dawn spiritual life
    • Everyone travelling to anywhere, everybody arrives safely
    • Throughout this New Dawn year beginning from now, no one shall be a victim of road accident

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    • Every of your desire will be delivered without struggles
    • Everyone set for marriage, as the Lord liveth, whose I am and whom I serve, your year of settlement has come.
    • Every one that returned any stolen item, your sins are forgiven.
    • None of you shall carry a curse
    • As for the year 2018, it’s your year at last

Watch Video Of Bishop Oyedepo Prophetic Declarations For The Year 2018 Below

  • It shall be your year of all-round rest – rest at home, rest at work, rest in your business, rest in your profession, rest in your career, rest in your health, rest in your spiritual life.
  • The year 2018 shall be your most fruitful year till date
  • It shall be to you a year of all-round fruitfulness
  • We have 98 percent growth in new birth in this Shiloh over last Shiloh. That’s a signal that the year 2018 shall be a super fruitful year for you.
  • Go in peace; see you at Shiloh 2018 in your multiplied state. You shall be here in your multiplied state; you shall be here in your perfected state.
  • There shall be no evil occurrence around your life.

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