Rev. Ladi Thompson give shocking prophesy about Nigeria in 2018- Read what he says

Renowned cleric and founder of Living Waters Unlimited Church in Lagos, Rev. Ladi Thompson, has released some shocking revelations about events that might happen in the country between 2018 and 2019.

The cleric revealed that the nation is approaching the midnight hour of history where things would fall apart and the centre could no longer hold.

He told Sun that in the coming year, the church of God would be turned into entertainment centre just as violence, would escalate in some quarters.

According to him, “what everybody is crying out for is either we go to a meltdown, when I say a meltdown , I really mean meltdown, there will be escalation of violence like never before, the devaluation of human worth will be like the days of human sacrifices. Blood will spill.

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“Unarmed truth and unconditional love will find a way for us in 2018. Morality, respect and love cannot be legislated and this is the foundational flaw of the modern African society.

“The Law can penalize a terrorist for killing the innocent in the pursuit of his misguided objectives, but no amount of regulation can make him to love and respect his fellow man. Societal rules and education can work to deter a murderer from murdering you, but cannot remove the murder from the murderer’s heart.

“2018 will take us into the midnight hour and that is where the light will shine. … Nigeria is already a few steps into midnight. Midnight hour is when there is a moral darkness and the light of righteousness has dimmed.

“A time for the survival of the fittest, a time for the 11th commandment; thou shall not be caught. A time you can embezzle but must not steal. Midnight is when the form of godliness multiplies, but it’s an empty shell devoid of redemptive power. Politically, socially and economically Nigeria is in the midnight hour where Life for the citizen is reduced to a daily struggle for stomach infrastructure!

“All colors are greyed and look the same. Midnight is when it is easy to stumble and fall. Standards can be compromised at midnight and no one is the worse for it since very few will notice. Midnight is when the preacher focuses on preaching about your personal breakthrough, personal prosperity, personal wellbeing and personal triumph while neglecting the greater good.

“In 2018, Nigeria will discover that Church is not an entertainment center! It is meant to heal the broken hearted, provide cure for frustrated potentials, and revive dead dreams. Church in 2018 will not permit men to resign in despair. Unarmed truth and unconditional love will be the game changer in 2018.”

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