Biography Of Rev. Sam Tukura

Rev. Sam Tukura
Rev. Sam Tukura

Reverened Sam Tukura is the Senior Pastor of Global Fire Centre. He is also the founder, general overseer and visioner of the work.

Born May 20, Rev. Sam has been in active ministry for over 3 decades and had opportunities to reach millions of lives. He’s widely traveled, and his traveling ministry has taken him across the country, from Lagos to the remotest of village, to the mega cities and towns of Nigeria.

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A well known and seasoned minister of the gospel. Sam’s life and ministry have impacted many not only within the country, but also beyond the shores of Nigeria. He’s ministered in several churches and Christian conferences in the U.K, U.S.A, the Caribbean, Ghana, Cameroon, Republic of Benin, Senegal, Liberia and South Africa. With a peculiar insight into the word, he’s a well sought-after speaker for major conferences within and outside the country.

Speaking on his conversion and call into Christian ministry, Rev. Tukura, in an interview with E-life magazine said;

My call to the ministry can be traced back to my late father who gave me the name Samuel. The manifestation of the name began to follow me from my early days as a young boy in Oguma in the present Kogi state. In our house then was a pictorial Bible where I saw Samuel being called by God. So every day, I will look up into the skies expecting that God will call me anytime.

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Also in my primary school days, some of my classmates with some knowledge of the Bible always tease me with an old song on Samuel being called by God. This was the situation till I got to secondary school when the devil got hold of me. My life changed through the influence of the peer group. I began to attend disco parties, smoke marihuana, left my hair as dreadlock, I became a karate teacher, a DJ, and all sorts.

But because I have read the bible and I knew what the bible says of hell and the last days, every time I sleep and wake up, I will always pray that God, I don’t want to go to hell. The sub-consciousness was always there because of the training from home. My notoriety got to a stage that even the bad people knew I was bad. Through my maternal parents, who were known for rituals and satanic powers, I was again introduced to that world. I began to amass all sorts of charms. This prompted my mother, who had given her life to Christ, to take my name from one pastor to another for prayers. Through her I got saved on the first of May, 1983.

That day, I brought out all my charms which were set on fire publicly in the presence of hundreds of people. My conversion happened when I was at the school of Basic studies (SBS) Makurdi where I was admitted because I could not pass all my papers at the O’level. My lifestyle would not permit me.

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There was this crusade that day which I attended. When the preacher made an alter call, I would consider it, asking myself should I give my life to Christ? I will immediately leave the Crusade, go to town and sit at a beer parlour. I remember I would sit there telling my friends that I will soon leave all these things I am doing. It’s like I want to give my life to Christ. They all thought I was joking. We wpould all laugh.

But on the third day of the Crusade which I attended, while the preacher was preaching, I suddenly raised my hand. The preacher thought I wanted to say something like a suggestion but I shouted “I can’t hold it any longer.” The preacher said what is it? I said I want to give my life to Christ. That was how I was called forward and prayed for in the presence of hundreds of people. Right there, under 24hours, I got the gift of the Holy Spirit. Immediately I started preaching, telling people about Christ. I read the bible under 3months. 10 months after my conversion, I was elected the President of the School’s fellowship. It was not joke to be elected President 10months after conversion in the presence of older Christians. I would be praying and fire would be burning all over me. On the streets, while walking, the anointing would fall upon me and before I knew it schools began to invite me to their Crusades as guest speaker. This was my conversion story.

Before I was admitted to the university, there were so many students who were praying that I should be admitted to the university to assist in the revival breaking out there.

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The way God introduced me to the Campus fellowship was dramatic. There was a crusade and a pastor who was like a mentor to me was invited to preach and i went to the crusade ground to greet him. So during his ministration, a lady was manifesting demonic spirit, so the prayer group took her out to cast out the demon. But they could not succeed. So they waited for the preacher to finish and took the case to him. The man said, why were they waiting for him, they should have taken me there and deal with the case.

So I was taken there and in few minutes, the demon was out. That was how the news spread that there was a preacher on campus. Five months later I was elected the president of the campus fellowship. I was elected again for second term and during the second term I was elected the National president of campus fellowship. I began to travel round all campuses in the federation. So it became obvious that the call of God was obvious in my life.

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Married with 4 children (2 daughters – Deborah and Jerusalem, 2 sons – Diamond and Cornerstone) Rev. Tukura holds a B.A degree in History from the University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

Rev. Sam Tukura could be reached through:

Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

Phone Number:
+234 803 306 7351
+234 805 294 8680.

About Global Revival Fire Ministries

Though, the ministry was incorporated August 2004. It had been involved in organizing crusade, meetings to train Ministers, Pastors, Workers and Believers several years now. The Church arm quietly started in March 2004, when a few people used to meet in the Senior Pastor’s residence to pray for God’s guidance in the direction of His will for the work.

By August 2004, God began to answer the prayers as HE gave the minister a good and spacious meeting place in the heart of Ikeja, Lagos. The formal take off of the Church arm there was August, 2004.

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  1. I would like to let you know that it was a blessing to share a word of God by Reverend Sam Tukura, and to meet him in person during his visit to Canada in 2007.

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