Bemigho Reno Omokri, is a ‘high profile broadcaster’, the host of Transformations With Reno Omokri, a Christian teaching TV show broadcast (for one season) on San Francisco’s KTLN and Detroit’s Impact Network and author of the books, Shunpiking: No Shortcuts to God, and Why Jesus Wept. He was one of three spokesmen to the former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and is credited with pioneering the use of social media for political purposes in Nigeria.

Personal Life And Career

Bemigho Reno Omokri, was born on January 22, 1974 to Helen Bemigho a civil servant and Justice Jean Omokri a justice of the Nigerian Court of Appeals.

He is the founder and senior pastor of the Mind of Christ Christian Center and the Helen and Bemigho Sanctuary for Orphans. He is the only one of those three spokesmen who continues to function officially in that role on behalf of former President Jonathan after his departure from office.

Omokri was Vice President, Africa, at Joe Trippi and Associates, a U.S Political Consulting firm.

As Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, he was noted for using social media to conduct surveys and project the developments undertaken by the Nigerian Government.

He is the founder of a multimedia project, Build Up Nigeria, and has produced a series of short films in the U.S. He has a LL.M from the University of Wolverhampton.

Omokri was a signatory of a letter by a group of eminent Nigerians (G 57) that called for the resignation of President Umaru Musa Yar’adua after he was evacuated from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia on November 23, 2009, for a medical emergency without handing over executive powers to his vice, Jonathan, and in 2011 he led some Diaspora Nigerians to endorse Jonathan for the 2011 elections.

In 2013, Omokri represented President Jonathan at a national conference on ‘Inter-Faith Dialogue and the Quest for National Security in Nigeria’, organized by the Interfaith Activities and Partnership for Peace, IFAPP. Speaking for the President, Omokri urged Christian and Muslim leaders to focus on Jesus as the common Denominator between their two faiths, and caused a stir when he stated on camera that The Quran mentions Jesus by name 25 times, which is five times more than The Quran mentions Mohammed. He also stated that almost every prophet in Judaism and Christianity is accepted in Islam.

He is the pastor of the Mind of Christ Christian Center in California and Abuja, where he teaches the word of God on a regular basis. He is also known in the media for using social media to project the Gospel.

Omokri writes articles for major newspapers (mainly political OpEd and Christian material).

He was a panelist at the United States Institute of Peace as well as the Atlantic Council, where he was a panelist on an event that featured other speakers such as Jendayi Frazer, former U.S. Asst. Secretary of State for Africa, both in Washington D.C. He has also represented the Nigerian government at Chatham House in London. On April 23, 2016, Omokri gave a keynote lecture at California State University Sacramento’s, Center for African Peace and Conflict Resolution’s 25th annual Africa/Diaspora conference. On the same day, he represented former President Jonathan at the city of Antioch, where Dr. Jonathan was honored by the city’s mayor, Wade Harper. At the same event, the city of Lathrop also honored the former Nigerian leader.

Between 2015 and 2016, Omokri was the host of ‘Transformations With Reno Omokri’, a Christian teaching program broadcast on Comcast, DISH Network and Roku. The 30 minute weekly telecast was produced by the Mind of Christ Christian Center in California.

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