Peter Linus or better known by his stage name PITA (Praise In This Age) is a recording gospel artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. He was born in the early eighties (December 27th) into a diverse musical family, PITA has been surrounded by music his entire life.

His career began at the Upper Room Missions Church, Lagos, Nigeria where he sang as part of the children’s choir, taking the lead role and training other kids, growing in creativity and confidence. This child prodigy pursued his passion even into his teen years, forming a gospel acapella group with friends by the name ‘Babysheart’. The band captivated the hearts of their audience, without compromising the message of the cross. They also toured many churches and university campuses across Lagos and Nigeria, gaining popularity and drawing national attention. Needless to say Babysheart was just the beginning of PITA’s dynamic ministry in music and career.

The child prodigy who began at the Upper Room Missions Church has now become one of Nigeria’s most sought after talents and is now an accomplished vocalist, singer, songwriter, composer and producer. Till date Pita has made over 1,000 live appearances on shows and events while collaborating with some of Africa’s most renowned gospel artists.

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