Folake Umosen has made a return after being away for a while now after she released her ever green chart buster album King’s Praise in 2004. It was the album that brought her to the limelight with the hit track ‘Kosobabire.’

For 2016, she has brought forth a single titled, ‘Na wonder o you dey do’ for her fans and gospel music lovers across the globe. According to her, “I’m not just a singer but also a minister of the gospel, who has been a blessing to mankind in homes, churches, our nation Nigeria and beyond its shores.

“You see, God gave man commandment that ‘let everything that has breath praise him;’ He is not talking to the Christians alone. God is also talking to all the people. According to Psalm 148, all other things are commanded to praise the almighty God. Our desire is taking the praise of Jesus to the uttermost part of the earth and as we do I believe God will manifest His glory in the midst of the people to save, heal and deliver.

“It is mandatory that every gospel singer knows whether he is called to sing. There could be challenges, but because God has called you, He will bring his word to pass. On the music industry, she said, “The music industry is growing every day, but as a musician singing for God, you must have a mindset that you would make it to the top. You must work hard and work with God because He is the only one that can take you to the top. You cannot do it all on your own because you do not know the way to the top. Check what God has in stock for you per time; make sure you are in with him.

“Just stay focused, stay humble, stay patient because Rome was not built in a day. A lot of us are always in a hurry but God has timing for people and when you are due, you will not be denied. God can test our humility, our patience and other things and make sure we are ripe to handle the work he is putting in our hands before he can hand them over to us. W

“This new year 2016 will usher in new project for my music organization, as we are set to take my music to every corner of tertiary institutions in the country apart from our regular tour globally.

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