CCM singer David L. Cook was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi on November 11, 1968 and began his performing career as a member of the Cook Family Singers; upon the group’s 1980 retirement, he turned to a solo career, returning to Christian music after a brief attempt at pursuing fame as a secular artist. In time he recorded his first LP, “David L. Cook’s Personal Feelings, soon resurfacing with Come Follow Me. Cook next formed his own label, DLC Records, and in 1997 was the first act signed to Mountainview Records, making his label debut with In the Middle of It All. This all led to a long list of awards: 3 Prestigious Manitoba Awards, 9 ROBI Awards, a 1996 Introduction into the World Music Hall of Fame, a 1998 Introduction in the County Gospel Music Hall of Fame, a 1998 County Gospel Music Comedian of the Year (as Mortermer Crabbottom), and a 1999 Dove Award nomination for Christian County Album of the Year. He followed up In the Middle of It All with Wind of Change in 2001.

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