I want to be a true disciple of the Lord, I want to deny myself, carry my cross and follow Him, whatever the cost, whatever it takes, before I’m gone, and truly preach the gospel. I want to preach the cross again.

Benny Hinn
Benny Hinn

In a recent interview with his Son-in-law Michael Koulianos, Pastor Benny Hinn shared from his heart, things he has never publicly shared.

Recall that earlier this month, the world woke up in shock as the healing evangelist renounced the prosperity gospel, announcing he was quitting prosperity preaching because the Holy Spirit was fed up with it.

“I think it’s time we say it as it is; the Gospel is not for sale, the blessings of God are not for sale and miracles are not for sale, and prosperity is not for sale,” – Pastor Benny Hinn.

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In this recent interview, he shares;

“I don’t like it anymore, the word prosperity, because when you say the word prosperity, people start thinking negative about the word. I would rather say the blessings of the Lord. does God want to bless us? yes; does He want us to succeed in live, yes, of cause, He promised to meet our needs, that’s in the scripture, but when I hear a man today saying, sow this amount and claim the promise of God, it’s not in the bible. it’s not because you cannot put a price on the promise of God, that grieves the Holy Spirit, it’s an offense to the Lord.”

“When messages are preached today in some places, they abuse the truth of the message, they focus on what am I getting back, not what am I doing for the Lord I love.

“I believe in giving, you can not love Jesus and not be a giver, because love is giving and giving is loving.”

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“I said those same things, because of pressure, I was trapped. I went to a certain place not long ago, I ministered and people where healed and blessed, and the man who had me forced me into a position that I hated being in. When I went I said, this is not me anymore, I don’t want this, because they trap you into a position you don’t want to be in. Then I said, it’s time for me to tell the world, but I don’t think many would listen. This is a soul matter, this is my heart, I don’t want to grieve the Holy Spirit anymore. And I said Lord, I’ve grieved you a lot in my past, I don’t want to grieve you anymore.”

“I want to be a true disciple of the Lord, I want to deny myself, carry my cross and follow Him, whatever the cost, whatever it takes, before I’m gone, and truly preach the gospel. I want to preach the cross again.”

“Some of the miniters are not happy with me, it doesn’t move me at all, I only want one person (God) to be happy with me. I’m never going to go back, never, ever.

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“And I told my staff, you can’t put anything in the mail that I don’t believe anymore”.

Pastor Benny Hinn shares from the heart things he has never publicly shared. The Full Video below:


  1. Easy to say that now, you have made your money, do as Jesus told the rich young man, go sell all, and then come and follow me. Then I will believe you………perhaps.

  2. God bless you Sir.
    I hope those who learnt all those from you repent a long because Jesus Christ won’t tolerate any excuses .

  3. This is a man with the heart of gold, everyone need to learn from in humility and repent and focus on Christ not money. Jesus Christ the Lord will return any moment from now.

  4. I pray that he continues in true repentance. the prophet who gave the Trump prophecies prophesied that ministries who want to come truly clean will need to give up all the riches they gained through deceiving God’s people in order to demonstrate true repentance. How can they continue to enjoy riches from years of false teaching doctrines of demons and yet claim they have repented.

  5. Judge nothing before it’s time but judge RIGHTEOUS judgement. I think when people get saved, healed and delivered, this sounds like righteous fruit to me.


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