BeBe & CeCe Winans are an American gospel music brother and sister duo.

BeBe (Benjamin) and CeCe (Priscilla) Winans are the seventh and eighth of “Mom” and “Pop” Winans’ ten children, most of whom have had gospel music careers. Together, they have received several awards, including three Grammys.

Bebe and Cece Winans are part of the gospel-singing Winans family that also includes the Winans, their four brothers.

As a duo, BeBe & CeCe maintain the gospel message, although their records have the production values and style of contemporary R&B. They released their debut album, BeBe & CeCe Winans, in 1987 and scored a moderate hit (number 49) on the R&B charts with the single “I.O.U. Me” scoring on the R&B and adult contemporary charts.

This earned them three Grammy nominations and one award (gospel). Their second album, Heaven, came in 1988 and found them scoring three R&B hits with the title track, “Lost Without You,” and “Celebrate Life.

Solo Careers

In 1995, they officially parted ways to work on their solo careers and other areas of interest. Both artists have gone on to have successful solo careers, receiving numerous awards and accolades. To date, BeBe has released six solo albums, while CeCe has released eight.

BeBe and CeCe Winans recorded twice as a duo during their hiatus (before reuniting for the 2009 album “Still”) – “What A Child”, a duet on CeCe’s Christmas album His Gift, and “Tonight Tonight”, a duet on BeBe’s 2000 album Love & Freedom.

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