The Anointed Pace Sisters is an American gospel music female group from Atlanta Georgia, they started in 1992. The group’s members are Duranice Pace (1958), Phyllis Pace (1959), June Pace-Martin (1960), Melonda Pace (1963), Dejuaii Pace (1965), Leslie Pace (1967), Latrice Pace (1972) and Lydia Pace (1974). LaShun Pace (1961) has a solo career and occasionally performs with the group as a recurring member. They released five albums with two labels during their tenure, and those were 1992’s U-Knowwith Savoy Records, 1995’s My Purpose again with Savoy, then 2003’s It’s Already Done by their own label Gospel Pace, 2006’sReturn by Tyscot Records, and 2009’s Access Granted from Tyscot Records. The group’s albums U-Know, My Purpose, Return, andAccess Granted charted on the Billboard Gospel Albums chart.


The Atlanta, Georgia-based gospel music female group, The Anointed Pace Sisters started in 1992. The group is made up of nine sisters who are:Lashun Pace, Dejuaii Pace, Duranice Pace, June Pace Martin, Latrice Pace, Leslie Pace, Lydia Pace, Melonda Pace, and Phyllis Pace.


The group released five albums from 1992 until 2009, with two being released by Savoy Records in 1992’s U-Know, 1995’s My Purpose, and the third self-released via Gospel Pace, It’s Already Done in 2003. The next two were released by Tyscot Records in 2006’s Return and 2009’s Access Granted. Four album from the group charted on the BillboardGospel Albums chart. Those were U-Know at No. 2, My Purpose at No. 17, Return at No. 20, and Access Granted at No. 5. The last album charted on the Independent Albumschart at No. 39.


  • Phyllis Pace (Contralto/Tenor)
  • Duranice Pace (Mezzo-Soprano/Alto/Contralto)
  • Melonda Pace (Soprano/Mezzo-Soprano/Alto)
  • June Pace-Martin (1st Soprano/Soprano/Mezzo-Soprano/Alto)
  • Dejuaii Pace (Alto/Contralto)
  • Leslie Pace (Soprano/Alto/Contralto/Tenor)
  • Latrice Pace (Soprano/Mezzo-Soprano/Alto)
  • Lydia Pace (Mezzo-Soprano/Alto/Contralto)

All the Pace Sisters except Phyllis and Dejuaii can sing the soprano, alto, and tenor parts. Their voice types go as follows:

  • Phyllis Pace (Contralto Profondo)
  • Duranice Pace (Dramatic Mezzo-Soprano)
  • Melonda Pace (Soubrette Soprano)
  • June Pace-Martin (Dramatic Coloratura Mezzo-Soprano)
  • Dejuaii Pace (Lyric Alto)
  • Leslie Pace (Full Lyric Soprano)
  • Latrice Pace (Spinto Soprano)
  • Lydia Pace (Light Lyric Mezzo-Soprano)

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