Jesus Film Project To Release Animated Version For Kids


The Jesus Film Project is set to release a new animated version that will introduce the story of the life of Jesus to a whole new generation.

The original live action Jesus film was released in 1979 and with over 2,000 translations, is certified as the most translated film of all time by the Guinness World Record. The movie has since been watched by millions of people and led to countless conversions to Christianity.

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Just like the 1979 movie, the animated version will be anchored in the Gospel of Luke and plans to use much of its dialogue but with a “refreshed” script. The plan is also to eventually reach over 2,000 translations, just like the original.

Talking about the new project, Jesus Film Project director Josh Newell expressed his excitement about spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and sharing the story of Jesus to a whole new generation.

“It’s amazing to be a part of the continued dispersal of the story of Jesus,” he said. Even still in 2023, we’re sharing the gospel in new languages and new ways.

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“Just like the original, this animated experiential film will ultimately touch lives in over 2,000 languages, spreading the hope of Jesus to people around the globe,” he said.

“The telling of the story of Jesus has evolved throughout history, from the Roman Road to the Gutenberg Press, and right up to the present day through the medium of animated film.”

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