Actor Refuses To Film Sex Scenes, Says ‘God Put Conviction on My Heart’

Actor Jesse Hutch
Actor Jesse Hutch

Jesse Hutch has become known for his roles in made-for-TV rom coms, but admitted in a recent interview his career might have taken a different turn had he been willing to film edgier content.

“God put conviction on my heart,” the Canadian-born actor told Christian Headlines.

Hutch, 42, stars in the new Great American Pure Flix movie, “A Christmas Blessing,” and has had leading roles in other romantic films like, “Love’s Last Resort” and “B&B Merry.”

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The Christian celebrity said one of the reasons he was so keen on filming family-friendly content is the fact that, more often than not, “there are no surprises.”

“My kids can just walk in on [these movies] at any time,” he explained. “And we’re not going to have this crazy, deep conversation about something that we’re not ready for yet.”

Hutch’s hard-and-fast rule against passionate romantic scenes and nudity has cost him some jobs over the years.

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“In romantic comedies, there’s a kiss,” he said. “And I have to have that conversation with my wife, with my kids. Obviously, my wife and I have grown together, and we have an understanding of what this is, how we do that, and where our comfort levels are. But my kids — they’re getting older — they’re like, ‘Dad, you are kissing another girl. What’s going on?’ And we’ve had these conversations. So even on that level, you still have to have honest conversations with your loved ones about that.”

When it comes to explicit content, Hutch said he is “not interested in any of that.”

“There’s been a couple of times where I thought, ‘Would my career have gone a different direction?’ Absolutely. Do I regret it? No.”

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