List Of Gospel Artists In Algerian


Allalou, playwright, theatre director, and actor known as the father of Algerian theater
Mahieddine Bachtarzi, singer of opera (tenor), actor, writer, and director of the TNA (Théâtre National Algérien)
Jean-Pierre Bacri, actor
M’hamed Benguettaf, actor
Jean Benguigui, stage, actor
Biyouna, female actor, dancer, comedian
Mohamed Bouchaïb, Libya-born Algerian actor
Patrick Bruel, singer, actor, and professional poker player
Alain Chabat, actor and director
Mohamed Chouikh, film-maker
Mohamed Fellag, actor and comedian
Khaled Habib, singer, songwriter, composer, actor, film director
Roger Hanin, film actor and director
Sid Ali Kouiret, actor
Rachid Ksentini, actor and comedian
Rouiched, comedy actor
Lyes Salem, actor and film director
Hadj Smaine Mohamed Seghir, actor, director, and man of stage
Patrick Timsit, comedian, writer, and film director
Larbi Zekkal, actor and comedian
El Hachemi Guerouabi, musician and reformer of the Chaabi classical style
Dahmane El Harrachi, singer, composer and songwriter of Chaabi music
El Hadj M’Hamed El Anka, the Grand Master of Andalusian classical music and Chaabi (Algeria) music.
Warda Al-Jazairia, singer
Boudjemaâ El Ankis, singer, musician, a performer of chaâbi music
Kamel Messaoudi, performer of chaâbi music
Abdelkader Chaou, chaabi music interpreter
Cheikh El Hasnaoui, singer
Hadj Bouchiba, songwriter, lyricist, composer, poet and painter
Reda Doumaz, singer
Mustapha Skandrani, pianist, performer of chaâbi music
Khelifa Belkacem, singer
Hsissen, singer
Farid Ali, singer
Hadj M’rizek, songwriter, lyricist, composer, poet and painter
Hadj Menouar, singer
Franck Amsallem, jazz pianist, arranger, composer and singer
Michel Benita, double bass player
Martial Solal, jazz pianist and composer
Baaziz, singer
Enrico Macias (Gaston Ghrenassia), singer
Souad Massi, singer
Line Monty (Eliane Sarfati), singer
Raïna Raï, band
Khaled, raï musician, also known as Khaled El Hadj Brahim
Safy Boutella, musician, composer
Cheb Hasni, raï musician
Cheb Mami, raï musician, also known as Mohamed Khelifat
Faudel, raï musician
Cheikha Rimitti, rai musician
Rachid Taha, raï–rock musician
Cheb Tarik, raï musician


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