Apostle Arome Osayi, the Founder of Remnant Christian Network, a Christian Organization with a global network of apostolic centers, churches & missions has released his prophecies for 2019.

Read Apostle Arome Osayi`s Inspired Prophecy For 2019

– There will be judgement against false ministers, especially those that fake miracles and the prophetic; there will be many scandals and many shall be exposed.
– False apostolic platforms will begin to fall.
– Finally, Nigeria is now in focus for spiritual leadership and to this end heaven will manipulate the forthcoming elections.
After the elections have been concluded, God will bring His man on board.
And as God changes the political scene, He will also change the spiritual atmosphere of Nigeria.
– I see a flame over Abuja.
God will do a great work in the church in the city of Abuja.
A lot of young people will be raised in that city.
– There shall be a shaking, for I see a dark cloud from the enemy rising over the nation.

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This cloud will not last, but lives will be lost.
The lord said pray against blood shed (4×).
– A major man of God in the country will suffer a major scandal, but this will be an act of mercy from the Lord to deliver him from error. It will be God’s last attempt at restoring him.
– Nigeria will wear a new garment and the new Nigeria will begin this year 2019.
– God will begin to remember Benue state and some things that died in the state will revive.
– Niger, Kaduna, Anambra and kwara pray. There shall be a great shaking, but Jehovah will intervene.
– January is a sensitive month. Pray in January.

Where not to be in 2019:

1. A church or Ministry where Christ and His Kingdom is not the emphasis of the message;
2. A place where the Holy Spirit is relegated to the background;
3. A place where the Spirit of God is always grieved when you attend;
4. A place where hero worship is practiced;

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5. A place where sin is tolerated;
6. A place where the teachings are esoteric and metaphysical and a distraction from the path of spiritual progress;
7. A place where you don’t see the life of Christ modeled in the leaders;
8. A place where prayer is not part of the culture modeled In its civilization.


  1. Sir I have been richly blessed by ur Apostolic calling, it has helped me to understand, perceive and handle the reality of the gospel in a higher perspective. Thank God they could not kill u and the lord brought u in our generation as a pointer to the true nature of the Apostolic ministry. God bless you and set u above all nations of the earth.

  2. I really wanna bless God your life and your ministry sir, indeed you have given people clue in oder to see the reality that is about to open.. God is about to do a new thing in Nigeria.. Tank you for the message you’ve brought to us.. we trust God to see more of Him in Jesus… I salute the major of God Grace and anointing in your life..We hope to see all these manifesting…

  3. I want to thank God for my salvation and His love for me. I also want to Thank God for the life of my Spiritual Father Apostle Arome Osayi. God bless your ministry and more Grace Sir..

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