There will be new major revival of the move of God; Outstanding things God will do
It shall be a wilderness year for plenty of people to purge things that are not of God in their lives
It will be a time of purging, testing, rearrangement, realignment and restarting
It will be a year where true love will yield dividend and hatred will breed tragedy, so don’t hate anybody
It is a year of very strange events
It is a year of massive amounts of sudden change and turnaround
This year the Almighty God will split the red sea for many of his children and make the impossible possible
It shall be a year of boiling disturbances and strange crashing and failure of warfare facilities to show them that God is the ruler in the kingdom of men
It is a year of acidic judgement on those who shed innocent blood no matter what religion they belong to
It will be a year of harsh economic crunch, but the children of God will not experience such
It will be a year of the rage of the spirit of betrayal
It is a year that we need serious prayers against senseless massacre
It is a year of construction and destruction
It is a year of destruction of blood thirsty campaigns
It is a year where we need to pray seriously for the so-called Super Powers because some of the steps and decisions they have taken has provoked great anger in heaven
It is a year of unusual and strange water patterns and warfare
It is year of strange signs above
Keys to catapult people from concerns to congratulations will be given to so many people
It is a year of the rage of the Spirit of Cain, sibling wars, jealousy, insecurities, inferiority complex, senseless competition among siblings
It is a year of violently crashing economies
It is a year where we need to pray against earthquakes
It is a year to pray against Tsunami attacks (like the one that occured some years ago)
It is a year where plenty of prayers are needed to tackle the rage of eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood (memorize your Psalm 91 and make it a regular habit of reading it everyday)
It is a year of the rage of cursing serpent
The deep hole that swalloweth with remnant will be in rage this year 2016
It is a year of the snail catching up with the dog
It is a year of opportunity wasters
It is a year of divine venageance, but God’s people will be preserved
There are still many people involved into idolatry. Heaven will give instructions to the waters and it will provoke the rage of the waters against such nations
It is a year where divine exchanges from God will manifest (lives will be used to replace lives, chairs will replace chairs, power and wealth will change hands)
It is a year of overturning and overtaking to favour the children of God
It is a year where stubborn long time enemy of God’s children will be in serious problems this year
Seeds that belong to children of God i.e. seeds of marriage, seeds of business, seeds of career, seeds of academics that were stolen, shall be recovered this year
It is a year where the evil gate of the father’s house of many people shall be forced open to release the captives they have held
It is a year where slave drivers will become slave themselves
It is a year where the labours of past years of his (God’s) children will be compensated for mysteriously
Many roots of long time stubborn afflications will dry up and die
Powers that do not want you to lift up your head shall be broken to pieces
Many long time battles, long time pursuits, long time afflictions shall come to a close
This will be the year of the ROD OF GOD.

The summary of the year is this: it is a year of rods.

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