‘Who is there among you’-’tis the Master’s voice-
‘Who will bear My message, making Me his choice?
Who for service ready now will volunteer?
Let him answer gladly, while I bend to hear.’

Who will listen gladly, who will make reply?
Haste, oh, haste to answer, ere the day goes by!
Who will listen gladly, who will make reply,
‘Send me on Thine errand, Master, here am I’?

Who will go in patience through the broad highways?
Who will take the byways, not for human praise?
Who will go for Jesus where the shadows fall,
In His name uplifting straying ones that fall?

Who will go, unfearing harm and weariness,
Walking in His footsteps, breaking hearts to bless?
Who will go in pity, seeking for the lost?
Who will follow Jesus, counting not the cost?

Who will go, untiring, full of faith and love,
Knowing there remaineth rest in heav’n above?
Jesus, Lord and Master, who has loved me so,
On Thy gracious errands help me now to go.

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