In the arms of my dear Savior I am resting every day,
And His smiles like sunbeams fall upon my face;
I am standing on His promise, where I shall forever stay,
And my heart is overflowing with His grace.

I am filled with grace and glory,
And in Jesus I abide;
I will tell the wondrous story,
Since my soul is satisfied.

Once I roamed in sinful darkness, over mountain, hill, and plain,
Seeking everywhere for rest and finding none;
Yes, my search for satisfaction while in sin was all in vain,
But I’ve found it in God’s well beloved Son.

Long in sin I sought for pleasure, something that would satisfy,
Something that would quench the thirsting of my soul;
But I found that sin’s dominion, naught I needed could supply,
Then I turned to Jesus and He made me whole.

I am dwelling in that kingdom, where the day is always bright,
And the sparkling waters of life’s river gleam,
Where the gloomy shades of darkness are dispelled by heaven’s light;
And I’m ever drinking of that living stream.

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