Did you ever think how Jesus
Left the glory-world above,
That from sin He might release us
By His proffered hand of love?
Yes, He came that all creation
In His grace might have a part-
Tasted death for every nation,
Thus to make them pure in heart.

What a Savior!
What a Savior!
Wondrous love to mortals lost!
What a Savior!

Did you ever think He suffers
For the world in sin today?
That He knows the gilded offers
Made to lead their hearts astray?
Yes, He knows it all, and gladly
Comforts those who tell their care,
While His gentle Holy Spirit
Guides their feet in paths so fair.

Ponder well the acts of Jesus,
Think upon His kindness great,
And of all His words so precious
Oft the story old relate.
Let us all revere our Savior,
Worship at His holy shrine,
Let our hearts implore His favor,
As we see His beauty shine.


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