We’ll follow the Lord all the way,
And close to our Shepherd we’ll stay;
How blessed to know as we journey below,
He’s with us by night and by day.

We will follow, ever follow,
In the footsteps of the Savior;
We will follow, ever follow,
In His pathway bright and clear.

The sheep of His pasture are one,
Yea, one as the Father and Son;
They’re all of one mind, as their Shepherd designed,
They follow and serve Him alone.

There’s joy in the fold of the Lord,
We walk in the light of His word;
We love to obey all the Savior doth say,
Thus living in holy accord.

By rivers of peace we are led,
In pastures of love we are fed;
We ever rejoice at the sound of His voice,
Redeemed by the blood He has shed.

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