We walk by faith, and, oh, how sweet
The flow’rs that grow beneath our feet,
And fragrance breathe along the way
That leads the soul to endless day.

We walk by faith, but not alone,
Our Shepherd’s tender voice we hear,
And feel His hand within our own,
And know that He is always near.

We walk by faith; He wills it so,
And marks the path that we should go;
And when at times our sky is dim,
He gently draws us close to Him.

We walk by faith, divinely blest;
On Him we lean, in Him we rest;
The more we trust our Shepherd’s care,
The more His love is ours to share.

And thus by faith till life shall end
We’ll walk with Him, our dearest Friend,
Till safe we tread the fields of light,
Where faith is lost in perfect sight.

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