Life is not a mystic dream,
Bounded by a sullen stream,
Leaving all in doubt and fear, over there;
Nay, the light is shining clear,
From our home we love so dear, over there.

Oh, we know there’s a home,
High around our Father’s throne, oh, joyful home!
For the light is streaming down,
And we see our golden crown;
Soon the Lord will bid me come,
To our bright eternal home, over there.

Fools who doubt within the heart
Take a leap into the dark,
Knowing not our home above, over there;
But we taste and fully prove
A sweet paradise of love, over there.

Heaven’s seal within us proves,
When our earthly house dissolves,
There’s a house not made with hands, over there;
For our spirit ready stands
In the sweet and vernal lands, over there.

Oh, how blest to surely know,
As we journey here below,
We shall gain eternal rest over there,
Where no foe can e’er molest,
In the mansions of the blest, over there.


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