Abu Talha Left Salafi Islam and Became Christian, He is from Egypt, His Testimony is in Arabic (see English translations below):

ابو طلحة يعلن قبوله المسيح ويريد التعميد
حبسوه ٣ شهور مع الضرب والتعذيب وذهبوا به الي مكة لاخراج الجني النصراني
هرب منهم بعد مدة ويعيش في الجبال في انتظار معجزة

هو مواطن مصري من غلاة السلفيين كان يكره المسيحيين كراهية عمياء
اخبر بعض المسيحيين من جيرانه انا اكرهكم في الله
اجابوه ونحن نحبك مهما حصل منك
سالهم متعجبا لماذا ؟
اجابوه : لان الهنا يطلب منا ان نحب الجميع ونصلي من اجلك
سال نفسه ايهما اولي بالعبادة اله يدعو الي القتل والحقد والكراهية
ام اله يحض علي الحب والصلاة لاجل الذين يلعنوننا
واحتار ٠٠٠
وظهر له يسوع فاختار دين الحق
علمت الجماعة به وابلغت اهله في الصعيد
حبسوه وعذبوه وساعدهم البوليس المصري بالتنكيل به والتربص به
الان يعيش في الجبال دون اوراق فقط جواز سفر قديم وينتظر منكم معجزة
انتظروه سيكون معكم علي الهواء الاربعاء مباشرة في حررني يسوع
صلوا من اجل الخدمة التي تنمو وتنتشر رغم كل الحروب

Abu Talha declares his acceptance Jesus and wants baptism. They imprisoned him for three months with beating and torture and went to Mecca to take out the genie.

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However, he escaped from them after a while and lives in the mountains waiting for a miracle.

Abu is an Egyptian citizen of the ultra-Salafis who blindly hated Christians. He always tells Christians from his neighborhood that he hates you in God. They answered him and we love you no matter what happened from you.
Ask them wondering why?
The Christian answered him: For our God asks us to love everyone and pray for you. God exhorts me to love and pray for those who curse us. He was puzzled, the he asked himself whichever was the first to worship God, calling for murder, hatred and hatred.

Abu later had an enounter with Jesus Christ, which brought a great change and new life to him.

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The group learned about it and told its people in Upper Egypt
They locked him up and tortured him and the Egyptian police helped them to abuse him.

Now he lives in the mountains without papers only an old passport and awaits for a miracle.

Please pray for Abu Talha and other Christian converts going through such hard times, that they continue to walk in God’s strenght and never lose faith in what Christ Jesus has accomplished. Amen.

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