With a shout of jubilation all my soul doth say,
I am happy and contented on God’s holy way;
Jesus’ grace has made me whole,
And His presence in my soul
Keeps my glad heart singing glory all the way.

Singing glory, singing glory,
Singing glory, hallelujah to the Lamb!
For my heart is full of praise,
Jesus gladdens all my days,
And triumphant in His service now I am.

Since my feet have been uplifted from the sinful mire,
And my heart is cleansed from evil, filled with holy fire,
Can my spirit cease to sing
Praises to my heav’nly King?
Of His glorious service never shall I tire.

What a wondrous, wondrous Savior to His saints is He;
What a wondrous, wondrous Keeper He will ever be;
Is it strange that I rejoice,
And to heaven raise my voice
And extol the Lord who showed such love to me?

Every thought of fear I banish and the future face,
Trusting Him to bring me safely to my resting place;
Onward joyously I go,
Singing vict’ry, for I know
All my foes shall be defeated by His grace.

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