UN Officials Block Syrian Christians From Refugee Camps


Christians who have fled war-ravaged areas of Syria are facing continued persecution while trying to seek refuge in camps set up in Jordan, Lebanon and elsewhere. A substantial number of them are being blocked by United Nations officials when attempting to enter the camps because the majority of UN officials working in these countries are Muslims.

Subsequently, many of the rejected refugees are being forced to live in hiding elsewhere, risking the danger of deportation and/or possible death if found.

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As few as one percent of the overall refugees sponsored by other countries are Christian because the applications of those from religious minority groups have been blocked by the Muslim officials responsible for screening them. Former Anglican archbishop, George Carey, is suing the British Home Office, claiming that Britain is complicit in this discrimination.

Despite the dangerous conditions, other refugees who have been forced from their homes in Syria are finding faith in Christ.

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  • Pray for the many believers presently facing danger in war-torn areas of the Middle East; ask God to grant them divine protection and strength.
  • Pray that justice, mercy and compassion will be shown to those in need.
  • May the Lord continue to increase the great harvest of souls that’s taking place throughout the world, and that those who have fled to other nations will be given opportunities to share their testimonies with others in their new homelands.

Sources: CBN, VOM Canada

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