Ravi is well and he is resting. Thank you again for your love and your prayers. It all means so much.

Ravi Zacharias
Christian Apologist and Evangelist Ravi Zacharias

Evangelist Ravi Zacharias, a leading Christian Apologist and Chairman of the Board at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), is recovering “well” after undergoing “emergency” spinal repair surgery on Thursday, his wife, Margie has revealed.

“On behalf of Ravi and our family and team, we are truly overwhelmed and deeply grateful for your outpouring of concern, encouragement, and especially your prayers for Ravi’s spinal surgery today,” Margie Zacharias wrote on Twitter Thursday evening.

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“Ravi is well and he is resting,” she continued. “The doctor anticipates his pain now will be from the surgery itself, and we are praying for relief and comfort as Ravi begins the recovery process.

Thank you again for your love and your prayers. It all means so much. I know the Lord has been present in the OR today, and I pray that He will give Ravi the ability to handle what is ahead for the next several weeks.”

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On Wednesday, the leading Christian Apologist and President of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) revealed on his ministry website that he has a history of serious back issues and to date has had two surgeries, the first of which resulted in 18 “good years” in which he said the Lord brought him comfort and strength.

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Join Ravi Zacharias family, RZIM and other believers in prayer for brother Ravi through his recovery process.

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