Every year the controversy around tithing has no end, with more and more people saying It is not biblical (New testatemental teaching).

Creflo Dollar, the preacher who has been preaching the prosperity gospel for decades and the subject of tithes told his congregation to get rid of books, tapes, videos he has preached about tithing.

American preacher Creflo Dollar declares that tithing is not biblical and commands his congregation to destroy any previous books and videos he has produced on tithing.

He admits that he’s been preaching the wrong gospel when it comes to tithes.

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Creflo Dollar, a long-time proponent of the prosperity gospel and a speaker on the issue of tithing, instructed his audience to throw away any materials on the subject, including books, tapes, and films.

He acknowledges that when it comes to tithes, he has been preaching the incorrect gospel.

He also warned that he would lose friends for expressing the truth about tithing because it is an Old Testament principle that is no longer applicable to New Testament believers.

He made his comment in a video from a lecture series that was posted on his YouTube account on June 26, 2022.

Private jet owner Creflo Dollar, who has recently started to modify his teachings on the prosperity gospel, has now acknowledged that he fell short when it comes to the teaching of tithes.

The video where he said that comes from a teaching series he released on his YouTube channel on 26 June 2022.

Creflo Dollar who owns private jets and in recent years began to change his teaching on prosperity gospel has now confessed that he failed when it comes to the teaching of thithes.

Pastor Creflo Dollar History Of Tithe Renouncement Doctrine

Back in 2015, Pastor Creflo Dollars said this on Rhema TV

“I use to preach that if you don’t pay your tithes you are cursed until God changed my thinking” !

God can not curse those he has blessed. So paying your tithe or not, trying to please God or not does not bring any curse.
God can not curse those he has blessed. Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law by Becoming the curse for us.. So that the Blessings of Abraham might come on us who believe.
So let no man tell you those lies that you are cursed or can be cursed. You cant curse who God has blessed”

I love Truth that sets free and hate religion that binds you.


  1. The statement is 100% supported. The idea of tithing is an Old Testament legal regulation for the Jew purposely to take care of the Levites, who had no land of their own and therefore could neither grow crops nor raise livestock. The words ‘tithe’ and ‘tithes’ occur 12 and 18 times respectively in the OT according to KJV in 12 different passages, but the notion of tithe and tithing is mentioned just four times in the New Testament: Matthew 23:23, Luke 11:42, 18:12, and in the theologically most significant passage in Hebrews 7:5. Out of these, there is no single command which is operational guide of Christians that point to the fact christian ought to pay tithe. There is no any biblical support for it in the NT, which is Known as the Christian literature. instead there are biblical principles of giving on how the new testament ministers of God ought to be taken care of. one of example of such is Galatians 6:6, which if practice faithfully, there will not be the need for twisting the scripture to satisfy personal need.

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