I want my life to be all filled with praise to Thee,
My precious Lord divine Who died for me,
Let all my will be Thine, Controlled by love divine
Live out in me Thy life, O Mighty Saviour.

Thy blessed will divine, with joy I make it mine,
My heart shall be Thy throne, and Thine alone.
Choose Thou the path I tread and whither, I am led,
Help me to follow on, O mighty Saviour.

A pilgrim born anew, a stranger going through,
Not of this world am I, since I am Thine.
Weaned from its passing show, transformed Thy love to know,
Hold Thou my hand in Thine, O mighty Saviour.

When evil foes assail and almost would prevail,
In that dark hour be Thou my strength and shield.
Lend then Thy strong embrace, uphold me by Thy grace,
In weakness be my strength, O mighty Saviour.

Yea, choose the path for me, although I may not see,
The reason Thou dost will to lead me so.
I know the toilsome way will lead to realms of day,
Where I shall dwell with Thee, O mighty Saviour.

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