We’re just days away from Super Bowl LVIII and the much-anticipated matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. It’s the biggest game in football, and tens of millions of people will be watching.

And while we’re not the betting type, it’s safe to say that no matter who wins, God will be honored in the victory. Why? Because there are so many players in the big game who love Jesus!

Here are just some of the players in Super Bowl LVIII that we’ve seen speak out about their Christian faith.

Super Bowl LVIII Players

9 Super Bowl LVIII Stars Who Love Jesus

Brock Purdy
Brock Purdy loves Jesus and he’s not shy about it. No matter what circumstances the award-winning quarterback finds himself in, whether it’s being drafted last in 2022, overcoming a devastating injury, or playing in the Super Bowl, the former Mr. Irrelevant puts his trust in God, knowing that He has a plan.

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“Getting drafted last, people overlook you and all that kind of stuff, and then all you need is an opportunity and watch and see what He does,” Purdy said after the 49ers NFC Championship win. “I put my faith and trust in Him and He’s gotten me where I’m at.”

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes loves to win football games and he loves to win championships. But more importantly than that, the two-time Super Bowl MVP loves Jesus and seeks to honor God in every opportunity.

“My Christian faith plays a role in everything that I do,” the quarterback said during the 2023 Super Bowl festivities. “I mean I always ask God to lead me in the right direction and to let me be who I am for His name. He has a role in everything that I do, and obviously, it will be on the huge stage at the Super Bowl that He’s given me and I want to make sure I’m glorifying Him while I do it.”

Christian McCaffrey
The 2023-24 season will go down in history as the one where Christian McCaffrey reached his full potential. But it was the longtime Christian’s faith that guided him through the highest highs and lowest lows of an unpredictable career in the NFL.

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“My faith has gotten me where I am in life and through all the ups and downs when I rely on God,” McCaffrey said in a recent interview. “Anytime I’m having a tough day or having a bad time in my life, I just get back to getting in the Word — it’s got all the answers. So it’s the most important thing in my life and it’s something that I know I’ll always have to lean back on and to make a priority.”

Harrison Butker
As the kicker for the Chiefs, Harrison Butker has faced his fair share of stressful moments. But when the pressure is on, and the game is on the line, the 28-year-old can rest easy knowing his confidence and worth comes from God.

“I never thought I’d ever be on a stage like this, but here I am and I need to glorify God for that,” Butker said during a recent interview. “There’s a lot of guys who put a lot of time and effort into their craft of kicking, but for some reason, my balls are going through the uprights. God’s put me on this platform for a reason. And, you know, I can’t be ashamed to give Him all the credit for being here and being alive and everything that he’s given for me.”

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Tashaun Gipson
San Francisco safety Tashaun Gipson doesn’t just talk about his faith in Jesus; he boldly lives it day in and day out.

“There’s just something about faith in Jesus man, in the miracles He can work in your life. All you got to do is believe,” Gipson said in a recent interview. “And I walk around, in my backpack I have like, three little mustard seeds. Yeah. Faith of a mustard seed, as you know. And I walk around with those man as testament, because, you know, being a believer is the most important thing to me.”

Drue Tranquill
Drue Tranquill has been praying for a platform to reach people for Christ since he was 12 years old. Now, the Kansas City Chiefs’ linebacker is glorifying God on football’s biggest stage and he couldn’t be more thrilled.

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“I just really had a dream of being a professional athlete and playing at the highest level and impacting people for the Kingdom,” Tranquill said earlier this week. “It’s overwhelming, God’s faithfulness.”

Arik Armstead
As the 49ers’ nominee for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award for the past four seasons, Arik Armstead takes every opportunity to shine the light of Jesus in his life and work.

“The foundation of my life is my faith. And, you know, that allows me to put things into perspective. I thought a lot on God and just let him go to work and control what I can control,” the defensive lineman said in a recent interview. “And so you have to rely on your faith to be able to maneuver through life.”

Marquez Valdez-Scantling;
Marquez Valdez-Scantling has faced a lot of ups and downs in his life. But through it all, one thing has remained constant—his faith in Jesus Christ.

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“I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for my faith and don’t play this game for, for anything else but the man up top because this is the game that I love,” the wide receiver said earlier this week. “I mean, and He gave me this platform to use to talk about, you know, my journey and, you know, my walk with Him … Jesus Christ is King. “

Charlie Woerner
San Francisco tight end Charlie Woerner is as humble as they come. But he’s also not shy about sharing his faith in Jesus.

“Just because we’re in the NFL doesn’t mean we’re special,” Woerner said in a recent interview. “We’re broken and I’m broken. And the only way that I’ll be able to enter those pearly gates is by the blood of Jesus, you know? And so the only way everyone can do that is by His blood.”

We’re so excited to see these men (and many others!) use their platforms to give glory to God this weekend, and it is our prayer that no matter which team wins the Super Bowl, millions will be exposed to the life-changing love of Jesus Christ.

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And whether you’re a football fan or not, don’t forget to tune in to the Great American Rescue Bowl before the football game on Super Bowl Sunday! It will premiere on Great American Family on Sunday, February 11, at 12PM-2PM ET.

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