“Hazbin Hotel”: Amazon Prime Cartoon Portrays Satan As The Good Guy, Full Of Profanity, Depraved Sex Acts


Amazon Prime Video recently premiered an adult cartoon series that takes place in Hell, promoting satan as “the good guy,” sympathetic, while depicting God and his angels as heartless.

“Hazbin Hotel,” the eight-episode first season of which rolled out on Amazon Prime last Friday, is replete with profanity and vulgar sexual content, including references to BDSM and gang rape. The movie which portrays Lucifer sympathetically, features as its protagonist a character named Charlie Morningstar, who is his offspring, as noted by Newsbusters.

The plot of the show centers around Morningstar’s attempts to rehabilitate demons so they can return to Heaven.

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One of the show’s episodes features a musical number during which a porn star is chained up and gang raped. During a song titled “A Happy Day in Hell,” Morningstar traipses through the streets of the underworld and happens upon two figures engaging in anal sex while one of them sports BDSM bondage gear.

The characters in the show are also suggestive, including Morningstar’s lesbian girlfriend named Vaggie, a porn star character named Angel Dust, a “sadistic maid” named Niffty, as well as “an array of underworld bigwigs like porn magnate Valentino,” according to synopsis of the show by Yahoo. Other demonic characters and Lucifer himself also make an appearance.

The opening scene of the first episode went viral and drew widespread backlash on social media after Amazon Prime tweeted it last week, with some users stating that they would be canceling their subscriptions in response to the show’s objectionable content.

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“Heaven and hell like you’ve never seen them before,” Amazon Prime tweeted last week. “Here is the opening scene of #HazbinHotel, premiering Friday on Prime Video,” Amazon twitter.

The trailer for “Hazbin Hotel,” which depicts heavenly angels as the many-eyed, wheel-like beings in the Book of Ezekiel, describes Lucifer as “a dreamer with fantastical ideas for all of creation.”

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“But he was seen as a troublemaker by the elders of Heaven, for they felt his way of thinking was dangerous to the order of their world,” the opening scene continues, which goes on to reference Lilith.

Lilith is a female demonic figure that features in Jewish folklore, according to the Encyclopedia Brittanica. Her name and personality are believed to have emerged from traditions regarding Mesopotamian demons, and some rabbinic literature depicts Lilith as the mother of Adam’s demonic offspring.

Lilith fled the Garden of Eden after refusing to submit to her husband, after which God created Eve, according to the folklore.

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Building on this mythology, the opening scene to “Hazbin Hotel” suggests that Lilith and Lucifer fell in love after she fled Eden and that the two were behind the temptation to eat the forbidden fruit because they wished “to share the magic of Free Will with humanity, offering the fruit of knowledge to Adam’s new bride Eve, who gladly accepted.”

For their act, Lucifer was cast into “the Dark Pit,” where he was not allowed to see “the good that came from humanity,” though Lilith “thrived, empowering humankind with her voice and her songs,” the show continued.

The clip closed by suggesting that Heaven was “threatened” by the growing power of Hell, leading its forces to make the annual “heartless decision” to send an exterminating army “to ensure Hell and sinners could never rise against them,” according to The Christian Post.

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