Hear the voice of our Commander standing firm,
Holy pilgrims, take the armor, standing firm;
Shod in gospel preparation,
Sword and helmet of salvation,
Meekly hold the true position, standing firm.

Fear not, brethren, firm and true,
Whate’er thy foe may be;
Jesus fought the battle through,
And gives to us the victory.

If it be thy lot to suffer, standing firm,
Vilest slander tongue can utter, standing firm;
Shout and sing, for then is given,
Greater thy reward in heaven,
When the wicked far are driven, standing firm.

In the time of sore temptation, standing firm,
Grace will be thy sure salvation, standing firm;
Virtue crown thy soul with honor,
Sin resisted tempts no longer,
Faith in conflict waxes stronger, standing firm.

‘Mid the battle’s raging fury, standing firm,
Face the legions dark before thee, standing firm;
In the strength of our Redeemer,
Make the pow’rs of hell surrender,
Be a valiant overcomer, standing firm.

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