Let me hear Thy voice now speaking,
Let me hear and I’ll obey;
While before Thy cross I’m seeking,
Oh, chase my fears away.
Oh, let the light now falling
Reveal my every need,
Now hear me while I’m calling,
Oh, speak, and I will heed!

Speak, Savior, speak-
Obey Thee I will ever;
Now at Thy cross I seek
From all that’s wrong to sever.

Let me hear and I will follow,
Though the path be strewed with thorns;
It is joy to share Thy sorrow,
Thou makest calm the storm.
Now my heart Thy temple making,
In Thy fullness dwell with me;
Every evil way forsaking,
Thine only I will be.

Let the blood of Christ forever
Flood and cleanse my heart within,
That to grieve Thee I may never
More stain my soul with sin.
Farewell to worldly pleasure,
Farewell to self and pride;
How wondrous is my treasure
With Jesus at my side!

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