Someday we’ll cease our toiling here,
Our hopes are now on things above;
Someday, without a doubt or fear,
We’ll gather home to those we love.

Some blessed day, oh, joyful day,
When we shall speed from earth away!
Our feet shall press that golden shore,
To be with Christ forevermore.

Someday the cord of life will break,
That holds us to our house of clay,
In which we groan till we shall wake
In that fair home of endless day.

Oh, glorious hope, the sweet someday!
That hope the anchor of our soul,
To keep us saved in Christ the way,
And trusting Him though billows roll.

Someday-the time seems strangely near,
When life’s frail thread shall severed be,
And we shall see that home so dear,
From earthly cares forever free.

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