Let us sing the name of Jesus, oh, that name we love so dear!
Sweetest anthem earth or heaven ever breathed on mortal ear;
In that name we have salvation, oh, how precious is the flow!
Sing, oh, sing the name of Jesus, for it makes us white as snow.

Sing it again, sing it again,
Sweetest of all the names that angels sing above,
Sing it again, sing it again,
Jesus, Thy name’s a fountain of redeeming love.

Sing the lovely name of Jesus, oh, the precious Lamb of God!
Lo, He died our souls to ransom, He redeemed us by His blood;
Let the joyful overflowing of our hearts, so full of love,
Sound aloud the name of Jesus with the mighty host above.

Sing, oh, sing the name of Jesus, He is worthy He alone,
Glory, honor, and salvation, chant with angels ’round the throne;
Sing it softly in the Spirit, sing it loud as thunders roll,
Sing with rapture, ‘Hallelujah!’ to the Lamb that saved my soul.

Yes, we’ll sing the name of Jesus, ’tis the only name that’s giv’n
That can save a guilty sinner, and no other under heav’n;
Oh, we love the name of Jesus, His salvation we adore,
Blessed be the name of Jesus; we will sing it more and more.

We will sing the name of Jesus all along the path of life,
We will sing it, hallelujah, ‘mid the battle and the strife;
We will sing it all together when we meet upon that shore,
Oh, we’ll sing the name of Jesus, blessed name forevermore.


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