A woman who had been Sikh for 50 years has told how she converted to Christianity after praying “in faith” for Jesus to help her with her problems.

“I know the true living God now whom I did not know before” she said

The woman, Balbinder, tells her story on a new website – the Great Commission – being launched today by the Evangelical Alliance (EA). The site shares conversion stories from across the UK and encourages Christians to talk about their faith.

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Balbinder tells of how, when she was “in despair with my elder son” she was “crying on the phone” to a Christian friend who told her that “If you really want help only one person can help you and that’s Jesus”. Balbinder’s friend told her to pray with faith to Jesus, which she did, and in three days she was given a Bible by the friend before her problems began to make sense through scripture.

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She adds: “Because I had been a Sikh for [more than] 50 years, when I turned to Christianity my daughter, she sort of retaliated and she started going to the Gurdwara, which she never did before, just to annoy me. It used to upset me and then God spoke to me that I have to show her love. If I get angry, that’s not showing her love, so I used to say okay, but I continued to pray for her. Secretly she was reading on her phone the Bible and the verse that came to her was about Nicodemus talking to Jesus, and when Jesus said you have to be born again and…she was ready to give her life to Jesus.”

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Watch Balbinder share her conversion story in the video below:


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