On the he Evangelical Alliance’s new website, the Great Commission, Joe shares his story of a life of drug addiction which changed when he prayed to God for help.

He says: “Aged about 19 I got involved in substance misuse, and that was my life for about 20 years. In the end I felt like I was a failure, addicted to failure, I was just desperate. I just wanted out of my situation.”

He continues: “I just cried out to God, begging him for help; ‘If there is a God I need you now’. Within several weeks of calling out to God and God answering my prayers, placing people in my life who were there to support and encourage me, I found I’d detoxed myself within a few weeks, gained the strength quite quickly that I’d never had before.”

Joe describes the changes in his life and how he is now evangelising himself. “I thought I was unemployable and I now work within the detox centre that I went through myself,” he says. “I’m there sharing my experience, and I share my faith and show that it was a big impact on how I became abstinent from drugs. I’m in the process of becoming a member of an Eden team [of urban missionaries] and I’m running a men’s group from my flat and people are coming and getting saved.”

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