A-Z Alphabetic List Of Notable Converts From Judaism To Christianity

Abd-al-Masih (martyr) – convert martyred for his faith
Abraham Abramson – Prussian coiner and medallist. Born into a Jewish family, he later converted to Christianity.
Felix Aderca – Romanian novelist, playwright, poet, journalist and critic, noted as a representative of rebellious modernism in the context of Romanian literature.
Mortimer J. Adler – American philosopher, educator, and popular author. He was a convert to Catholicism.
Michael Solomon Alexander – first Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem[11]
Petrus Alphonsi – physician in ordinary to King Alfonso VI of Castile
Lovisa Augusti – opera singer and actress.

Juan Alfonso de Baena – medieval Castilian troubadour
Michael Balint – Hungarian psychoanalyst who spent most of his adult life in England. He was a proponent of the Object Relations school.
David Baron – Jewish convert to Christianity. He began the Hebrew Christian Testimony to Israel missionary organization.
Giovanni Giuda Giona Battista, agent for the king of Poland in the 16th century. Born Jewish and later converted to Roman Catholicism.
Rachel Beer Sassoon – Indian-born British newspaper editor. She was editor-in-chief of The Observer and The Sunday Times. She converted to Christianity.
Bo Belinsky – American left-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball.
Marianne Beth – Jewish Austrian lawyer and feminist. She converted from Judaism to Protestantism.
Eduard Bendemann – German painter
Sir Julius Benedict – English composer
Theodor Benfey – German philologist
Boris Berezovsky – Russian business oligarch, government official, engineer and mathematician. converted to the Eastern Orthodox Church in 1990.
David Berkowitz – American serial killer
Michael Bernays – German professor of literature
Gottfried Bernhardy – German philologist and literary historian
Max Born – German physicist and mathematician, he won the 1954 Nobel Prize in Physics.
Ludwig Börne – German political writer and satirist
John Braham – English tenor opera star
Moritz Wilhelm August Breidenbach – German jurist

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Gerty Cori
Abraham Capadose – Dutch physician and writer; friend of Isaac da Costa
Carl Paul Caspari – Norwegian theologian[18]
Daniel Chwolson – Russian-Jewish orientalist. He embraced Christianity later.
Leo de Benedicto Christiano – medieval financier
Hermann Cohen (Carmelite) – (1821-1871) German Jewish pianist to Carmelite friar.
Julius Friedrich Cohnheim – German pathologist
Michael Coren – British-Canadian columnist, author, public speaker, radio host and television talk show host. He converted to Roman Catholicism in his early twenties.
Gerty Cori – Czech-American biochemist who became the third woman—and first American woman—to win a Nobel Prize in science, and the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
Isaac da Costa – Dutch language poet
Jehuda Cresques – Catalan cartographer
Károly Csemegi – Hungarian judge who was instrumental in the creation of the first criminal code of Hungary. Born Jewish and later converted to Christianity.
Pablo Christiani – Spanish Dominican friar who used his position as a New Christian to try to convert other Spanish Jews to Roman Catholicism.

Jewish Man Shares Testimony of His Conversion From Judaism to Christianity.

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Ferdinand David – German virtuoso violinist and composer, raised Jewish and later converted to Christianity.
Marcel Dassault – French aircraft industrialist. He converted to Roman Catholicism in 1950.
Ludwig Dessoir – German actor[18]
Mendel Diness – Jewish watchmaker in 19th century Jerusalem. Diness later converted to Christianity.
Benjamin Disraeli – British Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party in the 19th century
Alfred Döblin – German expressionist novelist
David Paul Drach (1791-1865) – Became librarian of the Propaganda in Rome.
Bob Dylan – popular musician who converted to Christianity in 1979. He later began studying with Chabad, a branch of Hasidic Judaism, though his current religious affiliation is uncertain. See also information on Dylan’s conversion to Christianity, born-again period and religious beliefs.

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