Shot In The Chest In Afghanistan: How God Saved Me From Death

Representative Image: US Army wonded

I wanted to share the moment when I felt my strongest belief in the Lord.

I was able to graduate high school a year earlier than I should have. However, I didn’t feel like going to college right away. I wanted to do something in life that would make me feel more important or adventurous. So I decided to enlist in the army. Before I left, my mom gave a mini cross that had belonged to her grandfather. I already wear a stew cross necklace, but there was no way I could give this up. I kept it in my best pocket.

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One night, it was getting very bad. My helicopter had crashed and almost everybody had died on board. I had not, obviously, but I could barely move and my leg had broken in three different areas. The Afghani veterans were shooting at me. I prayed to God that he at least give me the chance to go back home. The bullets had missed me, except for one. One had hit me in the chest.

I woke up in a hospital bed. I was confused and I was told that the mini cross along with my necklace stopped the bullet from killing me. Had one of them not been there, I would have been killed. And I did get the chance to make it home. And don’t worry, my leg is doing fine now and I am in therapy for PTSD. I’m also going to school now for psychology.

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Many could view it as a coincidence. But this was my strongest moment with God. I have always believed in him and I always will after that experience.

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