Savior, guide my little feet
In the path which Thou has trod;
Ever keep me all complete
In the living church of God.

Savior, guide Thy little child,
Guide me where Thy blessings fall;
While sin’s tempest rages wild,
Help me trust in Thee for all.

Savior, guide my little hands
All the day to deeds of love;
If not many as the sands,
May I gain one star above.

Savior, guide my little tongue
Words of kindness e’er to frame,
And to tell both old and young
Thou forever art the same.

Savior, guide my little eyes
Holy things alone to see,
Till our happy spirits rise
Evermore to dwell with Thee.

Savior, keep my little heart
Pure as heaven, white as snow;
Help me choose the better part,
While I travel here below.

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