Author: H. E. Bright

Jesus my Savior came to save me
When I was wand’ring out in the night;
Riches of glory freely gave me;
Flooded my soul with His wondrous light.

I’m saved! saved! this is my story—
Jesus my Savior cleanses and keeps me!
I’m saved! saved! filled with His glory!
Glory to Jesus, His grace is free.

Jesus my Savior came to cleanse me,
Carnal in heart and fightings within;
Now I enjoy His precious fullness—
Power and vict’ry o’er inbred sin.

Jesus my Savior came to guide me,
Over the mountains, down through the vale;
Still He is with me, strong to keep me;
Following Him I shall never fail.

Jesus my Savior soon will call me
Home to my mansion, shining above;
There shall I see Him in His glory,
Praise and adore Him in song of love.

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